[Personal Finance] Fight Club

fcThe value of the lessons found in Fight Club are still applicable today 10 years after the film was made and decades after the original novel was written. Even though the Hollywood version is recognized more for the entertainment value, the ideas are still constant and equally as valuable embedded in all of the cinematography and action.

The underlying struggle is between Edward Norton’s character and its alter-ego, or subconscious represented by Brad Pitt. The two have wonderful dialogue concerning how modern society has been set up to compartmentalize human beings into accepting a reward structure that wasn’t of their own making. At first Norton’s character is almost crippled by the loss of all of his material possessions which he states are his reward for his labor. He slowly sheds these chains by listening to Pitt who transforms him by being the furthest extreme of everything that conformity has kept Norton from doing.

A spectacular line in the movie is, “the more things you own, the more things own you”.  As the popularity of things such as mobile phones with infinite distractions and websites which do anything but improve individuals abilities suck up vast amounts of time and money, it does warrant asking if buying them will make any sort of positive impact on our future selves.

Many may have overlooked the value of Fight Club as a messenger for self-exploration, but the message is clear and very applicable even today for those who look for it.


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