Enjoy it

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“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

– Jonas Salk

It’s not too bold a statement to say that work and sleep are in direct competition for what takes up the most time in our lives. Sleep gets the upper hand because it has the weekends, but once the commute and overtime are factored in, they’re probably neck and neck again. Sleep is considered by most as a pleasant experience unless one is plagued by undesirable experiences such as consistent nightmares or chronic pain that only occurs while lying down. I offer my sympathy to those for whom it isn’t a pleasant experience and are actively trying to make it better. What about work?

We’ve all met someone who wasn’t all too keen about the work they do. That’s a waste. The activities that we do to earn money and support ourselves will take roughly half of our waking hours for our entire life. Imagine the good fortune of enjoying it.

Sometimes this requires a change of work. Other times the change requires an investment of time to get good at, or qualified for, the type of work that’s desired. And quite often, it’s simply a change in attitude. There’s much to be said about perspective. Many companies have incorporated this in order to raise employee satisfaction. Often, just knowing how the work that you do fits into a bigger picture can make work more enjoyable.

One example involves a factory making precision machinery. The after-hours cleaning staff had a ridiculously low job satisfaction rate and they were letting it be known. The owners of the company went about finding out what the source of the problem was and fixing it. In short, they found out that the disgruntled didn’t feel appreciated, or as if their work meant anything. they felt looked down upon given that so many high performing engineers and craftspeople worked at the company. But that was just a feeling. In reality, the non-cleaning staff that worked there was incredibly thankful that they had such a clean environment to work in every day, an environment that they would quickly make messy and dirty again by doing their own work. All it took was the expression of thankfulness that others already had to be communicated. The cleaning staff not only knew that their work was valued by the other employees, but valued by the company. The cleaning staff created an environment that was very conducive to others performing well. All it took to raise job satisfaction was for them to realize that they played an important role in the success of the company.

Enjoy what you do. If what you do now just isn’t for you, maybe it’s time for a change. It’s not always easy, but definitely worth it. Isn’t it worth taking a few steps no matter how difficult or easy if it meant that you could be happier for more than half of your non-sleeping life?


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