Simple not easy

There is a pronounced difference between simple and easy that is many overlook. This is true for many things in life. Differentiating the two helps a great deal towards succeeding at the action in question. Success is much more probably when both are true.

There are two good examples from the areas that most can agree is important to the majority of humans. Statistics point towards the fact that there is an increasing number of fat people. There is a simple and time tested solution for this. Stop eating so much. The act of not putting food in ones mouth is quite simple. Why isn’t it easy. There are a myriad of things that could be considered. Advertising is used to make food sexy and appealing beyond its basic purpose of nutrition. It is also infinitely variable resulting in conversation. People often use it to control their state. The list is endless. As it is difficult to imagine that people would want to look physically unattractive or put themselves at risk, the simple task of not putting as much food in ones body is a not so easy task.

Another area is finance. One component to financial stability is not spending as much as you make. Again, it is a time tested formula. As simple as the idea of not spending more than one makes is, not many can manage it. The psychological traps that prevent many from doing something so simple are too numerous to list.

This distinction is important when considering any activity. Having any task be both be simple and easy maximizes the chances of success.


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